I’ve spent the last +15 years working with brands and agencies on ideas, campaigns, concepts, strategies and visual delights.

I believe in storytelling as a key component and that ideas and concepts works best when they are planned well, thought through and executed accordingly.

Im classically trained from the Royal Danish Academy of Design with a Master Degree in Visual Communication and later spent my years in the trenches of different brand, advertising, tech and design agencies.

I have ideated, written, produced, shot, edited, designed and directed various creative projects and campaigns.
Im a versataile and highly dedicated creative but Im also a craftsman and a hands-on designer.
I love crafting words into ideas and emotions but also simply pushing pixels into visual treats.

As a person, I am currious, passionate, outgoing and outspoken.
I enjoy working in diverse teams  and I really shine in a non-formal creative environment.

Get in touch if you have a interesting project you would like to discuss with me!